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Sweet Feet Delmarva

About Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet is a soccer and movement education program geared towards teaching children using the most innovative methodologies to create a positive learning environment. The positive learning environment effectively leads participants towards having fun, developing skills, and becoming passionate about participation. 

Over the course of numerous years, we have assembled a highly qualified staff  to deliver Sweet Feet classes to all locations. Our successful construction of the Sweet Feet Curriculum encourages children to use their imagination each class period by going on a journey with their coach. In one class period we may pretend to be in a land of dinosaurs, while in another class baking cookies, and finally in a third class at the zoo. As the participants imagination is running wild, the journey allows movement education and soccer skill development to take place. The fun and excitement created during each lesson allows each participant to have a successful experience within the group.

Sweet Feet soccer is a program that all children can have a successful experience. As the children move towards older age groups, we feature a program called Sweet Feet Academy that focuses on skill development, ball comfort, 1 versus 1 games, and small sided game play. Our high level coaches create an environment of success that is geared towards skill mastery, having fun, and participation within a small sided team. 

Our WHY at Sweet Feet is to empower athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success.

At Sweet Feet, we have Three Developmental Values that drive our theme based curriculum:



Health for a Lifetime Alter the course of peoples lives by teaching them fitness and soccer concepts at an early age to allow healthy habits to form and continue over a lifetime.
Value 2

 Learning is Fun Engage young participants in activities that feature learning and fun to encourage the development of a growth mindset.
Value 3

 Establish an Environment of Independent Learning Encourage children to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems, and share their achievements with others to increase self-confidence, enjoyment, passion, and learning.