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Sweet Feet Delmarva

Schools, Organizations, and Groups


Bring the excitement of Sweet Feet Soccer to your location and watch the fun, learning, and exercise all happen within a positive learning environment!!! Sweet Feet has successfully established a positive brand throughout the region that excellence within all interactions is the norm. 

Benefits that Sweet Feet adds to your school, organization, or group are:
  • Increased programming for younger students that traditionally are overlooked.
  • Increased family time for students as we bring the soccer practice to your location. 
    • Parents do not travel to an off-site location allowing for more quality time at home.
  • Starting students off on the right foot in creating healthy habits for a lifetime.
  • More daily exercise time for all students participating in Sweet Feet Classes.
  • Increased ability to think critically through using and growing imagination and creativity.

Bringing Sweet Feet to your school, ensures your students will be placed in the appropriate learning environment to successfully have fun, learn, and develop a passion for participation. We will create healthy habits at an early age to set your students 
up for a lifetime of success.  

Contact Darbi Hughes to further discuss how our partnership will benefit your students.

                                 [email protected]